anamed Groups Worldwide


Please contact our staff directly by phone or email. If there is no seminar announced, you can ask our staff to conduct a seminar specifically for your organisation. Explain your request to them and then ask for the price. You must agree to this before the seminar. Agree in advance exactly how much money they need to conduct the seminar.

Individual visits:

If you only want to visit one of our projects for a day, please pay for all meals, travel expenses, local taxis etc. yourself and also € 50 as support to our staff ... they are not paid by us to receive many visitors!


Seeds: Do not ask for Artemisia seeds. These are only available at in Germany.

Plant products, teas: If you need different anamed teas from a project in Africa or Asia, first ask there by phone if this is available. You will then have to visit our staff yourself. Please note: anamed does not take any responsibility regarding the quality or prices of teas sold abroad by anamed groups.

Books, posters: We prefer that all this is printed in the country itself by the anamed groups and sold to support their work. For this, these groups need YOUR financial support!

Change of address?

Please inform Dr. Hans-Martin Hirt.