anamed Groups Worldwide


Please contact our staff directly by phone or email. If no seminar is announced, you can ask our staff if they conduct a seminar specifically for your organization. Explain to them your concerns and ask for the price. This you must agree before the seminar. Arrange in advance exactly how much money they need to conduct the seminar.

If you want to see just one of our projects one day, you are obliged to pay all meals, travel expenses, taxis, etc. yourself and also 50 Euro as assistance to our collaborato… he is not paid by us to receive visitors!

Do not ask our collaborator to sell Artemisia seeds to you. These are only available at anamed edition in Germany. Please do not ask for books, plants, dried herbs, etc., without paying for it. If you want to receive artemisia tea, moringa tea etc. for local use, first ask by phone if that is available. Please verify yourself the quality, because anamed international can in no way guarantee any sufficient quality abroad. Note: You have to travel there as the postal system is often not reliable.

Change of address?

Please inform Dr. Hans-Martin Hirt.