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FROM 13TH JANUARY 4PM TO January 19TH 2PM, 2019



Anamed in Kenya has been reaching community since 2006 and have over 12 years in the field of training and teaching about Natural  medicine following  the methods and principles  of Anamed  International. Anamed, which is short for “ Action for Natural Medicine” over 30 years experience in the scientific  use of Medicinal  plants to treat many common tropical health complaint and diseases. See www.anamed.org.

Those attending past seminars have come not only from Kenya, but  from many countries in the region and even further  field.

As a result of these seminars, the distribution of artemisia started kits and the work of our collaborating organizations,   we are delighted to say that Natural Medicine is now being practised in many parts of Kenya  

In particular, malaria patients are being treated with artemisia annual tea,  diarrhea  is being treated with ant- amoeba tea and HIV/AIDS Patient are benefiting enormously from Artemisia tea, Roselle and moringa leaf powder. We invite either you or someone from your organization to attend this training seminar in Natural medicine.

The aims of this training seminar are :

To train healers, pastors, missionaries, health workers, teachers and others active in the community in the recognition, knowledge and cultivation of several Medicinal plants in a medical garden.

The treatments of many medical complaints and diseases; including malaria, skin problems,  diarrhoea HIV/AIDS and wounds.

The hygienic production of effective Natural medicines from plants eg:- teas,  different Medicinal oil and ointments and tinctures . We will also produce different Medicinal oils and ointments and tinctures. We will also produce different Medicinal soap, Medicinal charcoal, black stone for scorpion sting and snake bites and learn  how to use several simple technologies.

The influence of good nutrition and lifestyle on health. 

Following the seminar, we expect the participants to:

  • Create their own natural medicine,
  • Prepare their own natural medicine
  • Treat themselves, their families and others within their area of competence and teach their families,  colleagues and others within their communities

TUTOR: Rebecca Nzuki, Samuel Mdune

Supported by:

  • Germany friends and
  • Catherine Wangui
  • Sammy Nzuki
  • James Simon
  • Willy Nyagah

Location – the seminar will be held at KAUMONI ANAMED CENTRE. In MACHAKOS county (province)

Registration – please write or phone:
Rebecca Nzuki (mobile no. +254713393652/ +254714588346)
Email: rebnakenya@gmail.com


INTERNATIONAL GUESTS- choose a flight that arrives in the morning in Jomo Kenyatta Airport.

From there arrangement will be made to bring you to Nairobi town- then to Kangundo road up to KAUMONI CENTRE.  Here you will be directed what to do. You will pay for your transport from Jomo Kenyatta Airport. From Nairobi to KAUMONI is around 20km.

Connect with Rebecca Nzuki (+254713393652) or Major Timothy Nzuki (+254700170549) or Samuel (+254726322626)

NB: Book your space for the seminar early because the demand is always high.

Fees for seminar:

The fee for the participants fee coming from Africa will be 250 Euro and those from overseas countries is 500 EURO. This is amount is also payable in Kenya shillings. NB: This is equivalent seminar fee for one week.

If you want to pay in other currency other than Kenya shillings please contact Rebecca Nzuki. For current rates exchange

This is an all inclusive price and includes food, accommodation, books, some seeds,  a T-shirt,  a poster and all seminar materials.

Transport cost and any insurance required remain the responsibility of the participant. If participant requires more books and posters for their project, they will be available for sale at a reduced prices during the seminar.

If you sponsor a participant (s) that Anamed Kenya will not pay any transport cost or sitting allowances” something called per Diem”

The following are important aspects of our seminar;

  • Our emphasis on working at the grass-roots, encouraging and supporting Local people in developing and extending the skills they already have
  • We encourage traditional healers and formal health workers such as doctors and nurses to work together.
  • We help them to recognise the positve contribution that each makes and encourage them to work out Practical ways in which they can cooperate.
  • By introducing artemisia annua, we enable participants to become much more independent and successful in their treatment of malaria in their families, communities and health centres. Each participant will be taught how to grow this extremely valuable plant.
  • It is important that all participants have a commitment both to practising what they learn and to teaching others, for example by conducting a seminar in Natural medicine themselves at least for a weekend.
  • All participants will work together in practical work and possibly in establishing a garden. They must bring suitable clothes with them for such activities.
  • Participants must attend for the entire programme to qualify for an Anamed approved certificate, to come only on some days is not acceptable.
  • Those participants who have A Bible should bring them. Anamed is Christian organization we start   every morning with a biblical  reflection each participant  is invited  to attend
  • All participants should try to bring a sample of at least one plant from their region kooky for sharing with others.

We look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes
Yours Sincerely,

Rebecca Nzuki


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