Our Philosophy

Who we are

anamed international is a Christian organisation. Our work is based on the life and ministry of Jesus, who healed people irrespective of their belief or ethnicity. In John 9: 1-7 it is described how Jesus uses locally available resources to heal a blind man.

It all began in a village in the tropical rain forest

… in the former Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo.
From 1985 to 1991 the German Pharmacist Hans-Martin Hirt spoke with hundreds of local healers about the possibilities and limitations of their treatments with healing plants. Doctors and Development Workers joined the search for ways in which to improve the disasterous state of the health provision. The results were presented in the book “Natural Medicine in the Tropics”.

and became an international movement ...

This book has become popular throughout the world. The movement “Action for Natural Medicine” now comprises 35 anamed groups in 15 countries. anamed was founded on 25 January 1986 in Congo. In 1994 anamed international e.V. became registered as a charitable trust in Germany.

Tropical paradise for tourists, tropical hell for locals?

White explorers brought European diseases in today's developing countries, for example measles and chicken pox.Example given South America: About 80% of Indians died from these diseases only through the contact with white people, only a few survived unscathed. The Europeans were immune or vaccinated against these diseases; the local medicine men however were at their wits' end:

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