Organize a Seminar

You want to arrange a Seminar in Natural Medicine?

There are many possibilities …

Leadership Resources required Estimate the cost
Yourself as facilitator – each participant shares their experience and you work through the anamed seminar handbook together. You prepare a garden of medicinal plants yourself, and obtain seedlings of Artemisia annua from another project in your region for all participants. Cost of providing food, notebooks and pens each day – unless participants bring their own.
Ditto You purchase an “Artemisia Starter-kit” from anamed, and each participant takes a few germinated seeds home at the end of the seminar. Ditto, price for "Artemisisa Starter-kit" (order no. 409):
Ditto Books and poster bought from the nearest possible place (Nairobi, Entebbe, Kinshasa or Lilongwe) Ditto, and about 300 Euro plus transport for collecting the books and posters.
Ditto Books and poster bought from Germany Ditto, and about 800 Euro
You invite a trained anamed tutor from elsewhere in your country, or a neighbouring country. Books and posters from within Africa or Germany, plus materials to produce medicines. a) food (500 Euro?) and perhaps accommodation (1000 Euro?) for participants
b) notebooks and pens
c) posters and books (300 or 800 Euro)
d) salary (about 500 Euro), accommodation and transport costs for the tutor
e) materials for reparing medicines (about 200 Euro)
Total, between 1500 Euro and 3500 Euro.
You invite a tutor from Germany, who works together with a couple of local trainers. If necessary, you also arrange for an interpreter to translate into the local language. Books, posters and seminar materials, partly obtained locally and partly from Germany a) food and accommodation for 30 people for 6
days, 1800 Euro
b) books and posters: 500 to 1000 Euro
c) seminar materials, e.g. seeds, containers, thermometers, ‘T’ shirts 1000 Euro
d) Air ticket from Germany 1000 Euro
e) Travel and accommodation for the tutor within the country – anything from 100 to 2000 Euro
f) Administration costs within Germany, insurance, visas etc 500 to 1000 Euro
g) Honoraria for the tutor from Germany and local tutors. – You decide! (see below)


  1. When travelling to Africa to run one or two seminars, the tutor must typically allow
    • 5 weeks preparation time in Germany
    • 1 week within your country for preparations
    • 1 week for the seminar
    • 1 week to visit projects, relevant authorities (e.g. Ministry of Health, local office of WHO, one-day conferences etc
    • possibly a second one week seminar, and
    • 3 weeks follow-up work in Germany (researching questions raised during the seminar, report writing, accounts etc)
  2. When submitting an application for funding, if possible please add:
    • Printing of books and posters in your country: 10.000 Euro
    • Preparation of a medicinal garden (materials, salary): 500 Euro