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fighting malaria and other diseases

Stuart Spani from anamed Canada writes us:

From our experience in Mizoram and following research in Africa I
believe Bye, Bye Malaria Society is in position to help the Anglican
Church of Rwanda initiate a program which can realistically virtually
wipe malaria out on Rwanda, decrease HIV by 50%, Cancer by 25%, and
Asthma by 75%, within 5 years.  At the same time it would provide a good
number of farmers an additional income.
Some members of the Healthy Moms Program have already had an abbreviated
training program in Burundi and have received seeds and informational
literature.  If they have applied this training you already have a head
What our society is will to do now is to first send a starter kit, which
contains 5000 Artemisia A3 seeds plus a comprehensive set of
informational literature.  We would supplement this with 2 extra copies
of the main information book, two extra posters and a teachers guide. 
At least three people should start growing and propagating Artemisia A3
right away.  This starter kit, etc can sent as soon as we hear from you.
Over a minimum of a six month period our society would raise money to
bring in a experienced trainer to train up to 25 people and to  supply
them with seeds and informational literature.  This training would be
more comprehensive that that given in Burundi. I believe there are 11
dioceses in Rwanda so it could be 2 from each diocese, plus three
extra.  Your only cost would be transportation of the trainees, a place
to hold the training, 7 days board and room for the trainees and for one
In Mizoram within 2 years of the training several hundred farmers were
growing Artemisia A3.  They were selling this to hospitals for the
equivalent of 6900 Rwandan francs for 35 grams.  The patients received
effective treatment for a fraction of the normal cost.  35 grams is more
than enough to cure a case of malaria.

Open letter to Health Professionals.

Please read this with an open mind, it could have profound implications.

As a Christian video producer I have wandered the world looking for good news stories.   This was the best!

In 2005 I fell into a story of very simple, inexpensive malaria clinics which were preventing malaria deaths in many villages in Mizoram, NE India. A group began to promote and raise funds to build more of these clinics. In 2010, while promoting these clinics, they were told of a plant (Artemisia A3) which was claimed to both prevent and successfully treat malaria.   

They studied this seemingly miracle plant and by 2012 turned their attention from building simple clinics to promoting the growth and use of Artemisia A3.

Between 2005 and 2016 the incidence of malaria, in Mizoram, had dropped more than 93% and deaths had dropped from over 500 annually to only 7 !

The drop was due to a number of different approaches, however the effectiveness of Artemisia A3 was very obvious.  90% of malaria patients who were treated with Artemisia A3 had no symptoms after only 3 days.  All were symptom free by the seventh day.  The dream became to wipe malaria off the face of the earth.

The more they learned about Artemisia A3 the more excited they became.  They learned that millions of cups of Artemisia A 3 tea had been taken with no serious side effects.  The odd person would develop nausea or diarrhea, but nothing worse.  There was at least one case where treatment was stopped because of an allergic reaction. 

On the other hand thousands of reports claim that Artemisia A3 has successfully treated over 50 different diseases.


Three examples other than malaria

  • HIV A hospital in Tanzania treated 138 HIV patients with Artemisia A3 and Moringa tea. They followed these patients. 5 actually became HIV negative!  All had gained weight, had improved blood counts and many were holding full time jobs.  All were feeling healthy.   


December 10th 2017, a two year,  double blind study, on HIV patients in the Mabarara Hospitlal, Kamapala, Uganda, was initiated.  If the results of this study are in line with those in Tanzania and other African countries, great changes will take place.


  • CANCER Artemisinin, which is one of the 250 chemicals found in Artemisia A3 has been patented for the treatment of both HIV and Cancer.  Artemisia tea has been used extensively, especially in Germany, for cancer treatment.  It is said 1/3 of the patients have been helped dramatically, 1/3 somewhat and 1/3 it made no difference.  Further when used with chemotherapy many of the negative side effects were lessened.  When radiation was supplemented with Artemisia A3  less radiation was needed.


  • ASTHMA A hospital in Ethiopia  claims it has successfully treated many patients, suffering from asthma, with Artemisia A3.  The only patient not healed was allergic to the tea. This is the only mention I have run across complaining of an allergic reaction. click on “fields of work” then “artemisia annua anamed”



Artemisia A3 has no serious side effects.

Artemisia A3 can and is being grown over much of the world.  If the climate is such that both corn and garlic can be grown, Artemisia A3 will thrive.

Artemisia A3 is inexpensive – if you grow your own it is virtually free.

Artemisia A3 has successfully treated many diseases including Malaria – HIV – Cancer – Asthma

If these claims are true it could revolutionize the entire medical profession.

If you wish to prove these claims, for yourself, email and I will do my best to help you get started.

Much more information is available on the internet - see   Or simply google Artemisia A3 and whatever disease you wish to research.

You can save lives and reduce suffering simply by using this God given gift.

Anamed Germany has agents in over 70 countries - all eager provide updated information and the tools to make a magnificent dream become reality.

Anamed Germany has not patented any of their extensive research – it is available for free on their website, or in their inexpensive literature.

All of Bye ,Bye, Malaria Society’s work is done by volunteers and any money earned, or donated,  is used to promote health in the developing world.

Submitted by   Stuart Spani  CEO Bye, Bye Malaria Society 


Blessings  Stuart Spani  President,   "Bye, bye, malaria society"


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