Newsletter 07/2019

Stuart Spani from anamed Canada writes us:

From our experience in Mizoram and following research in Africa I
believe Bye, Bye Malaria Society is in position to help the Anglican
Church of Rwanda initiate a program which can realistically virtually
wipe malaria out on Rwanda, decrease HIV by 50%, Cancer by 25%, and
Asthma by 75%, within 5 years.  At the same time it would provide a good
number of farmers an additional income.
Some members of the Healthy Moms Program have already had an abbreviated
training program in Burundi and have received seeds and informational
literature.  If they have applied this training you already have a head

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Newsletter 07/2016

Dear friends and co-workers at anamed! In Eritrea I was travelling unusually to an anamed workshop on a camel! However when the camel sank deeper and deeper into the sand, even the camel refused to go any further. Moreover, the camel driver without hesitation let me know his view in no uncertain terms that the camel had reached the limits of its capacity and could not continue the journey any further. I therefore had no alternative but to continue my journey on foot. In Zaire / Congo, I was allowed to visit an anamed clinic currently under construction. Whilst I was explaining the limits of our finances, four men arrived after walking 10 km through 20 cm of deep sand, in order to bring an unconscious woman, suffering from malaria and sweating profusely. The four men said: we are willingly doing that for free, but we are at the end of our strengths!

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Drawing with Maria and Joseph; on the right is a palm tree

Christmas Newsletter 2015

Nothing is any more like it was: this year we have for the first time at Christmas fresh sugar loaf lettuce from our own garden, although I would prefer if the garden came to peace under a thick snow layer. And in parallel our anamed colleagues in Africa are facing such a drought that the usually blossoming fields cannot be sowed as it would be a direct waste. And what the drought does not destroy, is destroyed by government’s “development aid”: Laws like the previous EPA and the new TTIP flood Africa with imports, Asians buy out the best lands, our governments support corrupt political rulers, and UN operations always bring prostitution first.

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