General Invitation

We are very encouraged that so many people are enthusiastic about Natural Medicine, and wish ...

  • to produce medicines themselves,
  • to study how to grow Artemisia annua, even in difficult climates,
  • to know how to use artemisia tea to treat Malaria patients,
    to combine artemisia tea with moringa leaf powder to improve dramatically the health of AIDS patients,
  • to know how to produce different soaps, black stones, treatments for serious diseases like cholera, when no other medicine is available ...

    We are naturally delighted that many people share this experience with their friends and colleagues.

    You too can learn to improve your own health and the health of your family and community! To this end. we invite you to attend one of our seminars!

    Development workers, missionaries, doctors, nurses and others active in the community may attend our training seminars in Natural Medicine, as long as places are available. People of all faiths and traditions are welcome. Another benefit - Natural Medicine as practised by anamed helps to break down barriers, between tribes, professions, religions ....

    Fees: Week-long seminars: The participation fee for African people or expatriates living in Africa is 250 Euro for a one week seminar. For people travelling from Europe the price is 500 Euro. This is an all inclusive price, and includes food, accommodation, books, some seeds, a poster and all seminar materials. Transport costs and any insurance required remains the responsibility of the participant. If participants require more books and posters for their project, they are usually available for sale at a reduced price during the seminar.
    Payment of the fee: The fee should be paid on arrival.
    If you sponsor a participant, please pay the fee in advance onto the account that the seminar leader will communicate to you.
    anamed will not pay any transport costs or "allowances" called "per Diem".

    Note: International seminars are seminars led by a member of anamed international based in Germany together with local trainers. Participants are invited from the country in which the seminar is held and from surrounding countries.
    In many countries in which anamed is active there are experienced and competent accredited trainers who run National seminars. They also invite the participation of sponsored participants. For information about national seminars held in your country of interest, contact the local anamed key workers. See World: anamed groups

    Benefits of attending an anamed seminar in Natural Medicine

    After the seminar, participants will be able to recognise at least 20 medicinal plants, to use and construct a solar oven, to produce different soaps, different medicinal oils and ointments, black stones for snake-bites....and, most important of all, will be able to treat  Malaria effectively with medicinal plants like Artemisia annua. Each participant will be given seeds and be taught how to grow this delicate plant.

    The following are important aspects of our seminars:

        Our emphasis on working at the grass-roots, encouraging and supporting local people in developing and extending the skills they already have.
        We encourage traditional healers and formal health workers such as doctors and nurses to work together. We help them to recognise the positive contribution that each makes, and encourage them to work out practical ways in which they can cooperate.
        By introducing Artemisia annua, healers, pastors, missionaries and health workers become much more independent and successful in their treatment of malaria.

    The following are the conditions of attendance

    It is important that, following the seminar, all participants have a commitment to

        establishing a garden of medicinal plants,
        making some Natural Medicines themselves,

        India 2010 eucalyptus small Seminar participants in Ranchi, India, March 2010
        treating themselves and others with these Natural Medicines, and
        to teaching others, for example by conducting a similar seminar in Natural Medicine themselves, at least for a weekend.
        It must be made clear to all prospective participants that participants receive no fees for their attendance.
        Transport costs must be met by the participants, their employer or sponsor.
        All seminar participants will work together in practical work and in establishing a garden. They must bring suitable clothes with them for such activities.
        Participants must attend for the entire programme; to come only on some days is not acceptable.
        Those participants who have a bible should bring it. Anamed is a Christian organization. We start every morning with a biblical reflection. Each participant is invited to.
        All participants should bring plant material of up to five medicinal plants from their region.