Artemisia annua anamed (A-3)

Feedback Regarding The Use of Artemisia annua With a Wide Range of Health Problems

We receive many reports of patients with a wide variety of health problems who have benefitted from artemisia tea or ointment. Warning: This list does not guarantee any success in individual cases!!! Artemisia tea is sometimes effective when the immune system has become very weak. It is also effective with many diseases caused by parasites (e.g. malaria, bilharzias…).

Sometimes artemisia is effective where conventional antibiotics fail. As indicated below, this may also true with heliobacter or the MRSA infections which are increasingly often picked up in hospitals and which are resistant to antibiotics.

Unless otherwise indicated the experiences below are from Germany.

General Improvement in Health

Ethiopia. Artemisia tea significantly improves the general condition, particularly of older men of over 70 who otherwise drink far too little. They can often breathe more easily and have fewer headaches - they simply feel generally better, and do not want to go without the tea!

When I drink the tea I feel like I am 40 and much more able, the rash on my arm disappeared, but it reappeared after two days when I did not drink the tea.

Ethiopia: Elfinesh Achemo looks very happily at his healthy plants in his garden which are almost two metres high. “Since I learnt to make the tea, my family has been healthy.”


Cameroon. A lady with AIDS had an HIV positive child who also had leukaemia. The doctor had no hope and wanted the child to die. The lady died. Sister Anne took care of the child and gave artemisia tea. After a short time the leukaemia disappeared and her immune system became stronger. Today the young girl is very lively and well-fed. She regularly takes ARV tablets and artemisia tea.

Tanzania. In March 2010 an Anamed Seminar was held in Malya exclusively for 20 HIV/AIDS patients. All the materials for making teas and ointments were available. At the end of the seminar all the participants took artemisia seedlings and a packet of artemisia tea home. The group met again one month later. ALL the participants were in significantly better condition, had put weight on again and some had begun to do their work again. They were very enthusiastic!

Ethiopia. I have seen something quite unbelievable. Two HIV positive people were partially paralysed down one side and had great difficulty in walking. After drinking a high dosage of artemisia tea for one month both could walk without difficulty and use their arms again. One is a boy. Every morning he goes running and smiles all the time, he feels strong and like a proper man.


A lady found that drinking artemisia tea eased her pain considerably.

I shall soon be 50 and did not want to retire early on health grounds. I discovered artemisia tea at the right time in my life, and the pains caused by arthritis have actually ceased.

An elderly woman farmer had unbearable pains in her feet, which have almost completely disappeared after drinking artemisia tea and using artemisia ointment.


Ethiopia. Nearly 100 percent of those we have treated with artemisia tea, both as an inhalation and by drinking the tea, have found complete relief from their asthma symptoms. We are amazed at this and wonder why it has never been discovered before. (I say nearly 100% because one patient had a severe allergic reaction and had to stop taking the treatment.)


Uganda. The incidence of bilharzia has reduced since malaria has been treated with artemisia tea. An English missionary had malaria, and treated it with artemisia tea. When he returned to England on leave, for the first time he had no bilharzia in his blood.

Congo. Adi hospital treated more than30 bilharzia patients (confirmed in the hospital lab) with artemisia tea with complete success.

Bladder / urinary tract infections

Over a period of 37 years a lady often had bladder infections as a result of a mistake in the removal of a catheter. This problem no longer occurs after the lady took cranberries and artemisia tea.

Another woman had also suffered bladder infections which had always been treated with antibiotics. After finding that this treatment was no longer effective, she tried artemisia tea. After three days she was completely healed.

We have received similar, independent reports from several men who have successfully treated urinary tract infections. Some also reported that, at the same time, they avoided the flu suffered at that time by many of their colleagues.


Today I had a patient who is very ill but also very sensitive. She said that when she held a small artemisia plant in her hand she felt “she had a lot of light in her body”, and also when she drank the tea. She will now drink the tea and use the ointment. She suffers from severe borreliosis and fibromyalgie. Others have reported treatment failure with artemisia.


I present one example of many good stories with artemisia. A lady is healthy today after a verdict of breast and bone cancer 2 years ago. She has been drinking 4 cups of tea per day (5 gram per litre) for 2 years now. During this period her cancer markers reduced significantly. You should see her now!

Germany. A woman had surgery for breast cancer. After she stopped taking the prescribed hormones the cancer became virulent again (there were dormant cells). She drank artemisia tea and underwent radiotherapy on the tissues of the scar from the operation – with no side effects. This confirms the results of a study at Tübingen University that artemisinin makes both chemotherapy and radiotherapy more effective and less problematic.

An acquaintance had breast cancer which was fairly advanced, and she was not well. Now she drinks artemisia tea and she is much better. The blood test gave a better result. But her doctor remains sceptical!

In 2001 a lady had cancer of the cervix, had surgery, radiotherapy, HRT. In 2008 she had a second tumour with metastasis in the entire abdomen. She had surgery again. Four weeks after starting artemisia therapy this fatally ill lady became lively and felt well.

A heavy smoker developed lung cancer which was diagnosed as being untreatable and was not expected to live long. Immediately he began a 10 day high dose artemisia therapy and a subsequent chemotherapy, and thereafter he has drunk a lower dose of tea every day.  The cancer has almost disappeared.

Other positive experiences have been recorded with cancer of the bowel and colon, leukaemia, and nerve tissue.

Cuts and Grazes

Ethiopia. Whenever the children of a missionary family fell off their bikes they ran home and demanded artemisia ointment – because they knew that it soothes the wound and keeps infection out.

Benin. When working in the fields, inevitably one has cuts and grazes. Within seconds flies land on the small wounds to eat the cells and deposit dirt, and the wounds quickly develop into nasty abscesses which heal only with great difficulty. If artemisia ointment is applied immediately the cuts occur, healing takes place very quickly.


After drinking artemisia tea to prevent a recurrence of prostate cancer he saw that his Diabetes (type 2) had improved significantly.

A development worker told us a similar story of a person a couple of years previously who had used artemisia tea as a malaria prophylaxis.

A development worker had diabetes and used to inject himself four times a day. Since he has drunk a cup of artemisia tea every day and taken three moringa capsules he has not needed to inject himself at all. His insulin levels have completely stabilized.


Congo. Adi Hospital and local anamed colleagues have successfully treated 40 patients. After drinking the full malaria treatment for 1 month their epileptic fits completely stopped. On the other hand others have reported no improvement with this disease.

Epistaxis (bleeding from the nostrils)

Uganda. My mother suffered bleeding from the nose, and when this condition persisted, she again started vomiting blood. I applied different types of western medicine but they did not help at all. Sister Rehema told me to give her fresh Artemisia annua leaves to chew and to soak others and insert them into the nostril. With 20 minutes the bleeding and vomiting stopped.

Eye Infections

Ethiopia. The eyes were bathed twice daily with cool artemisia tea, filtered through cloth (or better even coffee-filterpaper), plus artemisia tea taken internally.


I had haemorrhoids and small cracks which were often very itchy and bled. My dermatologist prescribed two creams, one with and one without cortisone. The cortisone cream did help, but the skin became thinner and bled even more quickly. With artemisia ointment the condition improved greatly, I was not completely healed but much better than with the other medicines.

Congo. A lady came from Sudan for an operation in Adi hospital after having spent more than 200 dollars on unsuccessful treatment. The anamed trained nurse suggested first applying artemisia ointment three times daily. After a week the lady went home smiling, having paid 2 dollars and no operation being needed.

Infections in General

At the beginning of December I had stomach pains, heartburn, wind etc. I went to the specialist and for two days before Christmas Eve I had a stomach tube. Then the doctor was on holiday.  In the middle of January I went again to the doctor to get the results of the test, which showed inflammation of the lining of the stomach and Heliobacter. She prescribed Zacpac (French Triple Therapy) and said, I should take it in a week in which I had no appointments. In the meantime I learnt about artemisia. I took one teaspoonful of artemisia powder in yoghurt every day and did not collect the antibiotics from the pharmacy. In mid March my stool was analysed again – there was no heliobacter any more!

Germany. A lady was infected with the rare but dangerous tularemia (rabbit fever) - she had caught it from her dog that had eaten the innards of a hare. Drinking artemisia tea regularly led to a significant improvement in her health.

Insect bites

Germany. Artemisia ointment relieves the itching caused by insect bites.

Liver disease

Uganda. An army officer who was alcoholic came for spiritual counselling. He drank artemisia tea for one day. The next morning he was no longer shaking. After one week he was completely fine. After he had been drinking one litre of tea each day for one month, the doctor checked his liver and found that he had made a complete recovery.

Malaria prophylaxis and therapy

Tanzania. Since the end of December I have been living and working in Shunga, about 1400 above sea level in the north west of Tanzania. The local population and especially the children suffer greatly from malaria and in spite of being treated with quinine are often not completely cured. For the first months I took Lariam as Prophylaxis, but I stopped because it did not help. The first malaria attack (Falciparum, always confirmed with blood tests) was on 6.2.10 , the second on 5.3, the third on 1.5, the fourth on 15.5, and the next on 1. 6. At the beginning of May I took quinine intravenously, before that Coartem or Duo Cotexin. Since I have been drinking artemisia tea and up to today, the middle of August, I have had no malaria at all.

Uganda. A mission school has been using artemisia tea and malaria has almost become a thing of the past.

Burundi. The owner of a metal working company is very enthusiastic – since his workers have been regularly drinking artemisia tea the previously extensive absenteeism due to malaria has virtually vanished. As a result, output improved and he was able to significantly increase their wages!

Uganda. The late Monik Adriaens conducted a very interesting study on a tea estate. 100 workers drank half a litre of full strength artemisia tea once a week. 100 workers did not. Of those who did, none got malaria. Of those who did not drink the tea, the normal number got malaria. Following this, a group living in a swampy area near Soroti that had repeated malaria attacks started to drink tea in this way and found that they became completely protected from malaria.

South Africa. My patients love it. Not only does the tea prevent malaria, at the same time it prevents colds, flu and sinusitis.

Menstrual problems

Scotland. I have found artemisia tea to be very helpful for my periods. I have had 2 periods since taking artemisia tea every day. I have had no PMT, no breast tenderness, no swollen belly, my bleeding started and stopped very quickly (this shows that the uterus is cleaning itself out very effectively) and absolutely no blood clots (again indicative that the uterus is working properly and the blood is very 'clean').

Mouth hygiene

We had our teeth cleaned recently in Dubai while there for meetings. The dentist asked what we had been doing because he said we had virtually no plaque and no evidence of gum disease. We didn’t think of it at the time, but we had had an especially hard year of amoeba/ stomach complaints and had taken artemisia more than usual. We really think that it kills bacteria in your mouth that causes more plaque and gum disease. If it were just us, we would have just written it up to good hygiene habits, but our son Doug who lives with us as a 34 year old retarded adult is not very good at remembering to brush unless we remind him. We often forget. He loves artemisia and is our greatest advertisement for it.

Parkinson's disease

Germany. A man had lived for 5 years with the autoimmune Parkinson’s disease. For the past 6 months he has been drinking artemisia tea every day. Not only has his condition very much improved, he feels generally also very much better.

Scalp problems

Cameroon. For years my girlfriend had had problems with dandruff and an itchy and irritable scalp. She realised that she had forgotten her medicine. As emergency treatment she prepared artemisia tea and rinsed her hair and scalp – since that time she had no more problems at all with her scalp -she was delighted!

Skin problems

I suffered from Rosacea (facial erythema or redness of the skin) until I used artemisia ointment which has worked much better than any prescribed ointment.

A 67 year old man suffered from Psoriasis vulgaris for 29 years, mainly on the lower legs. Up to summer 2008 he took alternately the cortisone cream Daivonex and Daivobet, and since then only artemisia ointment – with the same result. The complaint has reduced to the same extent as with cortisone ointments.

For years a person had suffered psoriasis, it was medically diagnosed and treated, but without success. Treatment with an alternative therapist also yielded nothing. Testing with artemisia ointment led to the itchiness totally disappearing but the remaining part of the rash is still visible.

Some (undiagnosed) skin infections have been treated successfully with patients trying it after spending all their funds on treatments that did not work. Facial marks have disappeared, (possibly warts) and other things have really amazed us.

Artemisia ointment helps cold sores.

Benin. Many older men suffer eczema on the inside of the hand. According to the Swiss doctor, the only thing that helps is artemisia ointment. Many others report that artemisia ointment is the most effective treatment for their eczema.

Switzerland. Artemisia ointment helps greatly with bedsores, for example people who sit in wheelchairs.

Use fresh green leaves under a plaster on warts twice a day. They are almost completely gone in 24-48 hours!

Stomach problems

Mrs K. had used artemisia and other medicines to treat her arthritis, with the result that she suffered no more pain. She persuaded her 11 year old grandson to drink artemisia tea to treat his stomach and incontinence which he had had since birth. After only two days his condition improved, and this continued.

Many patients with chronic stomach problems, e.g. ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and also with general inflammations have confirmed the anti-inflammatory properties of artemisia tea. It promotes the healing of wounds.

England. I had stopped all medication a week ago and by Saturday was bleeding quite a lot due to the colitis, Sunday and yesterday morning was pretty much the same, Yesterday I took a dose of artemisia tincture mid morning and this morning I am perfectly normal, normal bowel action and no sign of blood.

Uses in agriculture

Diarrhoea in cattle. Farmers in very rural isolated places with no medical care, no roads, no electricity etc. have no medicine for their cattle and have been using artemisia tea to treat their cattle’s diarrhoea. They prepare one litre of tea at a time. It has worked and has greatly increased their interest in growing the plant.

Cancer in dogs. An animal clinic in North Germany has had sometimes great success.

For coccidosis in rabbits and hens, there are also very positive research results from Romania..

General health. A farmer who breeds rabbits has had no losses since giving artemisia stems, from which the leaves had been harvested, to the rabbits to nibble.

Borreliosis in horses. The high price of industrially extracted artemisinin makes its use with animals so expensive that owners would sometimes rather let their animal die. Home grown artemisia is an excellent alternative!

How to Take Artemisia

Some people find the tea too bitter to drink. A good alternative is therefore to take 5 g of dried, powdered leaves per day. These may be mixed with yoghurt, groundnut butter or cream, because the fat enables the body to absorb more of the active ingredients. The powder may also be mixed with honey or banana. According to feedback we have received there seems to be no difference in efficacy whether artemisia is taken as tea or as powder.