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anamed - Action For Natural Medicine in The Tropics

It is my aspiration that health finally will be seen not as a blessing to be wished for, but as a human right to be fought for.
- Kofi Annan

We salute all those interested in the vision and in the worldwide work of anamed, all friends and supporters.
anamed works in development partnership. Core point is to promote a responsible, sustainable and universally accessible health and nutrition, using our experiences, gained in 30 years of natural medical practise in the tropics and around the world. This is our common responsibility before God. The spreading of these findings is done in particular by international, regional and local seminars and training. All the following information is to be understood as a basis for fruitful discussion, in which we bring our experiences and views.

Recommended Seminars

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Seminar Dates:

Kenya, Nairobi, Karen (english)
Senegal, Keur, Mussa (français)
Benin, Dassa-Zoume, (français)

Praxisseminare in Deutschland (deutsch): sorry, fallen wegen Corona aus, Vorträge dafür digital unter youtube/anamed abrufbar.

Our Wish List

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Wish List:

Every year, we present a number of projects to you, because their realization is our desire.
Thank you if you pray for the success of these projects. You may also get personally involved in these projects...and of course, donations are welcome!


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Info-Jahrestagung: Da bei der letzten Tagung über 300 Personen teilnahmen, wollen wir mit einem neuen Datum warten, bis die Maskenpflicht aufgehoben ist. Dann können wir wieder unbeschwert organisieren, diskutieren und feiern....Unter youtube/anamed versuchen wir einige Infos schon jetzt zu geben.